Our Products

Body treatments can be a combination of natural products made from our body cookbook. Some of the products are comprised of vanilla, avocado, sugar, and an array of aroma therapy oils to choose from. Types of treatments can be arranged during the first visit or when making an appointment so that the right combination is specific.

Our Spa Bellezza brand of sugar scrub is made with rich emollients and domino sugar. As it cleanses the delicate skin of the face and neck, it acts as a gentle exfoliator as well. It rinses off for a clean smooth feel. There are no preservatives and it can be used on the face, feet, knees, elbows, and hands.

Luxe Butter

Luxe Butter is a gentle hydrating body butter cream with vitamin E and Cranberry extract for moisture and protection of the skin against outside damage. It is made with a non greasy formula that leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth with a light beautiful scent.

Optional scents: milk, lavender, verbena

Other brand names:

  • Essie
  • New Life
  • OPI
  • Soothing Touch
  • Art Deco
  • Nina
  • L.A. Colors
  • Therapro
  • Satin Smooth
  • A.N.D