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Whether you are planning to come in for a massage, have a complete makeover before a big occasion, or if you just plan to spend a day at Spa Bellezza to rid your mind, body, and spirit, our team of professionals are ready to serve you from the moment you arrive.

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While you wait for your appointment, you will be offered some soothing refreshments like fresh Coffee, one of our fine selections of tea, or just some ice cold water. You can also enjoy a sugar scrub. At Spa Bellezza, we are geared to indulge your every sense.

All body treatments are customized from our body treatment cookbook. Our treatments consist of an array of natural ingredients that can also be customized by you. Our body treatments will leave your skin feeling clean, smooth, refreshed and healthy. Please call to speak with our professionals for your personalized treatment. Prices vary.

Therapeutic Massage Services

Spa Bellezza offers therapeutic massage therapy, including Swedish massage, deep tissue, hot Stone, and regular massage. Any of these massages will soothe out the tension, leaving you relaxed and ready to take on the world again.

Mobile Spa Service

Spa Bellezza, LLC. Is happy to travel to you for mobile services for your special event, relaxation, to de-stress or to just have fun.

Spa Waxing Services

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Nail Care

Manicure for the health care provider. Nude or clear colors only.

Spa Facials

Harmonious skin treatments which gently exfoliate the skin & leave it with an intense hydration and luster

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger point therapy is a modality of deep tissue massage that isolates problem areas to address “knots” that may be inhibiting range of motion or referring pain.

Luxe Exfoliation

Gentle sugar exfoliation with hot towels and Luxe body cream for soft rejuvenated hands or feet


Reflexology is a technique that is believed to be used as a way to signal balance to the nervous system through pressure point and massage techniques to the feet hands and ears for the release of endorphins.

Reiki & Meditation

Reiki is a spiritual energy used through the palms of the hands as a healing technique for stress reduction and relaxation. It is good for relieving tension from everyday stressors.

Tea Talk

Tea Talk is a once a month meeting that consists of having tea and cookies during a social gathering. Customers can always bring a friend and, everyone can bring different teas for others to taste.

Whine Therapy

Bring a friend, and just bring the whining. During this session you will be enjoying finger foods, some soul-felt girl talk, and perhaps a glass of wine to help you get some stuff out of your system.